Thursday, December 16, 2010


There's bits and pieces here and there, things I've meant to post... I've looked back into this folder I have at work, titled NOT WORK D (I'm guessing the D was a typo that I liked too much to fix) and found things I've always intended to finish and post here.

For a while I was gonna make a comic about how Mimi The Birdgirl discovers an egg in her bed and is introduced to the awkward world of bird puberty. That's her dad cooking breakfast in the bottom panel, he's making omelettes. That's at least three kinds of awkward. But either way it would've been a pretty funny story about growing up, right? :P

Greetings from IDIOT FESTIVAL!

My design of a friend's character. His name's Tippin and he needs to find a home on the ground cause he can't fly. Ghost shadow is irrelevant.

This is Ruth, one of the first Lost Saints of Skellopia. Her sacrifices led to great progress in controversial but useful medical mycology.

I forget who this is. She apparently has magical designs on her armor which gives her the abilities of her fallen enemies. So the eye on her sword mimics the eye of a creature which is clairvoyant. Also she's too good for normal human feet.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

If you pretend it's a unicorn then it's not so creepy!

I like doodling in a little online art program that's about as high tech as ms paint... ( wait a minute, I haven't used that in a decade, it's prolly evolved since then... ) or as much as facebook's graffiti application, and so on! Either way the reason I'm posting this is because while I made this, I had an epiphany-

This is one painting in the finite amount of paintings I will create in my lifetime. This somehow made everything more precious to me, past and future drawings. It's kind of funny saying that, because I know I've drawn some things I consider sophomoric or highly flammable. Hell, most of what I've made would be figure drawing exercises, and I don't care what happens to those since they've already served their purpose. If I could imagine all the drawings of my life piled together, the bulk of it would definitely be a babble of imagery like this.

Still, I can't deny that these are all thoughts which I intentionally projected into the realm I know as reality. Maybe I am creating a mirror for my mind, something to look back into. These are all my mirrors, the reflective little footprints of my life that are free to be found by others or lost forever.

I guess this one reflects the fact that I like long hair, nudity, and giant fuzzy insects. Now that I think of it, I've been considering a pet tarantula lately...

Friday, August 6, 2010


:> Doing some more personal paintings in my spare time at work. Nothing much besides more feminine and monstrous elements. This may be related to a pseudo-fantasy premise involving the root of human mythologies. I'm basically cobbling together what interests me right now into a story- lovecraftian lore, symbolism in myth, environment as character, and of course horror...
I really just want to create some organic story telling exercise with this one- placing elements here and there then weaving a pattern from them, while making some interesting character studies along the way.
I want what's encountered in these stories to feel mythical, but evocative of the present as well. Myths are timeless, after all. Perhaps my characters are just experiencing the brevity of their humanity in juxtaposition to this. Either way I want this imagery to feel familiar to the point that you think you know of this, you've heard of this, and could draw conclusions from it. So this painting could be of a harpy from greek mythology or the objectification of other human beings or a personal memory. And now I'm just rambling about the elasticity of symbolism. Or how things could get lost in translation. I think there's a word for the type of symbolism which has no intended meaning by the author but made for audience to draw conclusions in a sort of free style manner.

Either way, I don't remember it and now I'm rambling. But hey, I'm posting again! :D

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I've been busy!
I've also been doing lots of work for Moonbot, not lots of stuff I can post here. Sorry. :<

Here, have a naked lady and some monsters!

Sorry that I can't think of anything else to say. Gotta go carpe some diam anyways.

Seeya laters!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hahaha, what? Of course I update!

Oh, hi there!

Been a bit busy again this month. Had a Senior thesis show, graduated, got a job, back in Texas but moving to Louisiana, getting a car, etc. Anyways here's more art blurbing until I can figure what else I can post on here, since I don't think I'll be doing any digital paintings for a week or two (don't have the Ringling labs anymore! ;_; )

Anyways, here's more story development from my thesis showcasing one of my favorite monsters, Corpsichord.

When Elle first wanders through her old destroyed home, she encounters Corpsichord. Corpsichord is a sort of sentient junk beast that wanders through wreckage and collects objects/tools/knicknacks and absorbs them into his body. He's your basic pile o' junk monster, but he becomes more involved with the story as I develop it. After Elle's first violent encounter with Corpsichord she insists on hunting him down and destroying him, as revenge for her destroyed home. Elle's fighting to literally pick up the pieces of her past when it comes to Corpsichord.

Funny thing, Corpsichord was actually made for the game 'Monsters and Other Childish Things', but since I never got around to playing it I made him a part of Elle's story. I'm so glad he didn't get thrown away like half the junk he's made of.

Also, I got a job at MOONBOT STUDIOS <3 <3 <3

Anyways, I'm off to get more things done!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Still working!

:D Thanks for all the love guys, I enjoy all your blogs and will be more responsive a little after thesis week! I'll be commenting all over blogs this weekend anyways, but just wanted to say ~HELLO~ before just posting more artwork and running away. > w >

Still working on things. Work work work. :B Anyways, yeah, here is Elle waking up from her trinket box bed and finding no one there, where did her creator go? As she wanders through her home she discovers it is in ruin and finds this giant creature rummaging through the place, attaching everything to itself. ACTION ENSUES.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some WIPS!

More process work of Elle's room~~ Here she is as she wakes up from her trinket box bed~

When she was younger, she befriended a child who traded drawings with her.

Also, I made something animooted! :B

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sketchy sketch...

I've found a new method for producing lots of designs which I enjoy. :D Well maybe it's not that much but it keeps me interested in designing things I would normally be bored with... I love trying to fill in all the space on a page now, filling in the negative space of one silhouette with the positive of another.

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to talk about thesis concepts! Obviously a town and townspeople... and of course monsters, who hunt the townspeople should they venture too far into the woods. Interestingly enough, the monsters only hunt adults. Children are unharmed by these creatures, but that doesn't mean the creatures won't follow children home to their parents. They seem to be harvesting human hands and skulls, and why they do this is unknown. That's for our little main character to discover.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Portfolio post!

Here's what's currently in my portfolio!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a week...

Non-art related things have been hectic so art has been slow! This picture went in a different direction than planned... hm hm. Either way I'll babble a bit more once some dust settles. 

Friday, February 5, 2010


More thesis ramblings! I refuse to quit rambling about thesis here, it will get my thoughts in order! HERE HAVE A WORK IN PROGRESS-

So now I will ramble more about Elle's world and her position in it. This world is obviously a sort of fantasy world. There's many less people in it, many more forests, monsters, and the like. This world feels like an old storybook, but with a slightly anachronistic feel. You could probably say it's a steampunk world, but i dunno if it's really that steampunk yet. 

The point of this world is that it seems like a scary fantasy world, when it's really a sort of soft scifi. This world is basically one that was once our own, and there are remnants of it here and there. Ruins of metropolis and all that jazz. There are only faint clues as to what happened between then and now. My favorite thing about this world is that this is unexplained, it is not the plot or reason for the story. It is a motif in the background for the audience to know, and make theories about. 

One thing Elle realizes about this world though... is that she doesn't relate to the few humans in it very well. She is a distorted mechanized person after all. She is about 7 feet tall, doesn't move like a normal human, and doesn't know much of the society outside her old home. She still strives to survive, as confusing as it may be... What's stranger though, is that she can travel relatively safely through areas people can not. The places where monsters reside. She is not considered human prey to them, it seems. Some even attempt interacting with her, and she learns to bond with them. 

That's all for now. o 3o  

Monday, February 1, 2010


Here have a finished painting of my ballerina lady being worked on by doctors!

SO SO SO....

Let's talk about some plots with my ballerina lady. Or really the characters... no wait, plotz. Elle's home was destroyed. She wants to find out why, and find a new home as well. While on this mission she encounters Ian. Ian is a very modified person like her, also surviving in an alien world. These two basically become companions before (of course) it turns out Ian is THE BAD GUY. Or so it would seem. If I imagine this as a video game in the perfect way or some jazz, you can play either character cause that's always fun to me. :]

Anyway.... I originally made these characters to be enemies with that special bond you see sometimes. What I love most about enemies is that they cement each other's ideals. What I love more is when enemies recognize this on some level. This isn't the sort of twist where Elle's friend is DUN DUN DUN her enemy! This where they are friends regardless of what they do. They fight for what they believe in, what they think is good for each other, and each other. This idea is absurdly romantic but fun... I want it to illustrate the sort of vagueness people have in their relationships. How solid or malformed can your relationship (or what you see of it) actually be?

And now it's time for burgers! I will see you later!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hi Joe!

A certain someone has convinced me to post a new blog entry. > w >
I'm going to ramble about my thesis now!
Oh man I sure like video games, and their worlds and characters and whatnot. And so my thesis....

okay, just got distracted by the horror movie my friends were watching in the other room, but now it's time to talk about my thesis character! 

Dawww, she found treasure!
Haha, all my actual finished work is on another computer! But I still have some visuals... 
~check out my unfinished character sheet~

Elle is a lovely lady of sorts. She is a modified... in that sort of Frankensteinian sense. Elle has been designed to be more of a ballerina than a human. She embodies grace and etherealness with mechanical precision. She also has music box gears in her back! Nifty! She is a very pretty, rare, entertaining thing, that dances to her own tunes. You can switch out the tunes if you don't like them though. Just open up the interface in her vertebrae and customize to your heart's content! 

Elle was raised and modified to be an entertaining object. She's polite, compliant, and sturdy. This isn't necessarily sad. Not to her anyways. It's how she was raised after all, and it's all she knows. Until I drop some PLOT on her, of course. Elle lived her life as an expensive toy in a mansion, until most of that mansion is destroyed. Luckily she was stored in a sort of preservation tank in the basement and was unharmed, but eventually wakes up to find nothing she knew before. She seeks out the truth about what happened to her home, and the whereabouts of the one who owned and loved her. 

One could say she is an extreme of the naive young woman stepping out into the world..... and wanting a father figure if you want to get freudian about it. 

There's more info about her but I'll save that for another post. :3