Friday, August 6, 2010


:> Doing some more personal paintings in my spare time at work. Nothing much besides more feminine and monstrous elements. This may be related to a pseudo-fantasy premise involving the root of human mythologies. I'm basically cobbling together what interests me right now into a story- lovecraftian lore, symbolism in myth, environment as character, and of course horror...
I really just want to create some organic story telling exercise with this one- placing elements here and there then weaving a pattern from them, while making some interesting character studies along the way.
I want what's encountered in these stories to feel mythical, but evocative of the present as well. Myths are timeless, after all. Perhaps my characters are just experiencing the brevity of their humanity in juxtaposition to this. Either way I want this imagery to feel familiar to the point that you think you know of this, you've heard of this, and could draw conclusions from it. So this painting could be of a harpy from greek mythology or the objectification of other human beings or a personal memory. And now I'm just rambling about the elasticity of symbolism. Or how things could get lost in translation. I think there's a word for the type of symbolism which has no intended meaning by the author but made for audience to draw conclusions in a sort of free style manner.

Either way, I don't remember it and now I'm rambling. But hey, I'm posting again! :D

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