Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hahaha, what? Of course I update!

Oh, hi there!

Been a bit busy again this month. Had a Senior thesis show, graduated, got a job, back in Texas but moving to Louisiana, getting a car, etc. Anyways here's more art blurbing until I can figure what else I can post on here, since I don't think I'll be doing any digital paintings for a week or two (don't have the Ringling labs anymore! ;_; )

Anyways, here's more story development from my thesis showcasing one of my favorite monsters, Corpsichord.

When Elle first wanders through her old destroyed home, she encounters Corpsichord. Corpsichord is a sort of sentient junk beast that wanders through wreckage and collects objects/tools/knicknacks and absorbs them into his body. He's your basic pile o' junk monster, but he becomes more involved with the story as I develop it. After Elle's first violent encounter with Corpsichord she insists on hunting him down and destroying him, as revenge for her destroyed home. Elle's fighting to literally pick up the pieces of her past when it comes to Corpsichord.

Funny thing, Corpsichord was actually made for the game 'Monsters and Other Childish Things', but since I never got around to playing it I made him a part of Elle's story. I'm so glad he didn't get thrown away like half the junk he's made of.

Also, I got a job at MOONBOT STUDIOS <3 <3 <3

Anyways, I'm off to get more things done!


Shannon.Doran. said...

Congrats, thats really exciting! I think you're a great fit for moonbot!

Anonymous said...

so pumped for you Christi! Gotta let me know how it goes!
Nice to see the blog update and the story development too ;)
Wishing you luck on driving as well!

Stevie Ray said...


Your style is really neat, I love your use of colors and light. Best of luck at Moonbot! :D

Kenji Bliss said...

Congrats Christina :) And really nice updates. Hope all is well and keep posting. \(o ̄∇ ̄o)/

peter carlson said...

I really like this piece. It was nice to see its progress. Good luck at moon bot. have fun!