Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hi Joe!

A certain someone has convinced me to post a new blog entry. > w >
I'm going to ramble about my thesis now!
Oh man I sure like video games, and their worlds and characters and whatnot. And so my thesis....

okay, just got distracted by the horror movie my friends were watching in the other room, but now it's time to talk about my thesis character! 

Dawww, she found treasure!
Haha, all my actual finished work is on another computer! But I still have some visuals... 
~check out my unfinished character sheet~

Elle is a lovely lady of sorts. She is a modified... in that sort of Frankensteinian sense. Elle has been designed to be more of a ballerina than a human. She embodies grace and etherealness with mechanical precision. She also has music box gears in her back! Nifty! She is a very pretty, rare, entertaining thing, that dances to her own tunes. You can switch out the tunes if you don't like them though. Just open up the interface in her vertebrae and customize to your heart's content! 

Elle was raised and modified to be an entertaining object. She's polite, compliant, and sturdy. This isn't necessarily sad. Not to her anyways. It's how she was raised after all, and it's all she knows. Until I drop some PLOT on her, of course. Elle lived her life as an expensive toy in a mansion, until most of that mansion is destroyed. Luckily she was stored in a sort of preservation tank in the basement and was unharmed, but eventually wakes up to find nothing she knew before. She seeks out the truth about what happened to her home, and the whereabouts of the one who owned and loved her. 

One could say she is an extreme of the naive young woman stepping out into the world..... and wanting a father figure if you want to get freudian about it. 

There's more info about her but I'll save that for another post. :3

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Anonymous said...

lol, I like the post title! :P
Christi, these images are awesome! I especially like the painting! BUT, you should link us up to some high-res versions. I feel like the painting deserves more justice than just the 300 or so pixels it took up on my screen!

Keep it up!