Thursday, August 19, 2010

If you pretend it's a unicorn then it's not so creepy!

I like doodling in a little online art program that's about as high tech as ms paint... ( wait a minute, I haven't used that in a decade, it's prolly evolved since then... ) or as much as facebook's graffiti application, and so on! Either way the reason I'm posting this is because while I made this, I had an epiphany-

This is one painting in the finite amount of paintings I will create in my lifetime. This somehow made everything more precious to me, past and future drawings. It's kind of funny saying that, because I know I've drawn some things I consider sophomoric or highly flammable. Hell, most of what I've made would be figure drawing exercises, and I don't care what happens to those since they've already served their purpose. If I could imagine all the drawings of my life piled together, the bulk of it would definitely be a babble of imagery like this.

Still, I can't deny that these are all thoughts which I intentionally projected into the realm I know as reality. Maybe I am creating a mirror for my mind, something to look back into. These are all my mirrors, the reflective little footprints of my life that are free to be found by others or lost forever.

I guess this one reflects the fact that I like long hair, nudity, and giant fuzzy insects. Now that I think of it, I've been considering a pet tarantula lately...


Anne said...

It's a pretty cool image and your post made me smile, thank you.

Christina Ellis said...

Thank you :D This encourages me to muse more often about art, not just churn out scribbles.