Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a week...

Non-art related things have been hectic so art has been slow! This picture went in a different direction than planned... hm hm. Either way I'll babble a bit more once some dust settles. 

Friday, February 5, 2010


More thesis ramblings! I refuse to quit rambling about thesis here, it will get my thoughts in order! HERE HAVE A WORK IN PROGRESS-

So now I will ramble more about Elle's world and her position in it. This world is obviously a sort of fantasy world. There's many less people in it, many more forests, monsters, and the like. This world feels like an old storybook, but with a slightly anachronistic feel. You could probably say it's a steampunk world, but i dunno if it's really that steampunk yet. 

The point of this world is that it seems like a scary fantasy world, when it's really a sort of soft scifi. This world is basically one that was once our own, and there are remnants of it here and there. Ruins of metropolis and all that jazz. There are only faint clues as to what happened between then and now. My favorite thing about this world is that this is unexplained, it is not the plot or reason for the story. It is a motif in the background for the audience to know, and make theories about. 

One thing Elle realizes about this world though... is that she doesn't relate to the few humans in it very well. She is a distorted mechanized person after all. She is about 7 feet tall, doesn't move like a normal human, and doesn't know much of the society outside her old home. She still strives to survive, as confusing as it may be... What's stranger though, is that she can travel relatively safely through areas people can not. The places where monsters reside. She is not considered human prey to them, it seems. Some even attempt interacting with her, and she learns to bond with them. 

That's all for now. o 3o  

Monday, February 1, 2010


Here have a finished painting of my ballerina lady being worked on by doctors!

SO SO SO....

Let's talk about some plots with my ballerina lady. Or really the characters... no wait, plotz. Elle's home was destroyed. She wants to find out why, and find a new home as well. While on this mission she encounters Ian. Ian is a very modified person like her, also surviving in an alien world. These two basically become companions before (of course) it turns out Ian is THE BAD GUY. Or so it would seem. If I imagine this as a video game in the perfect way or some jazz, you can play either character cause that's always fun to me. :]

Anyway.... I originally made these characters to be enemies with that special bond you see sometimes. What I love most about enemies is that they cement each other's ideals. What I love more is when enemies recognize this on some level. This isn't the sort of twist where Elle's friend is DUN DUN DUN her enemy! This where they are friends regardless of what they do. They fight for what they believe in, what they think is good for each other, and each other. This idea is absurdly romantic but fun... I want it to illustrate the sort of vagueness people have in their relationships. How solid or malformed can your relationship (or what you see of it) actually be?

And now it's time for burgers! I will see you later!