Thursday, December 16, 2010


There's bits and pieces here and there, things I've meant to post... I've looked back into this folder I have at work, titled NOT WORK D (I'm guessing the D was a typo that I liked too much to fix) and found things I've always intended to finish and post here.

For a while I was gonna make a comic about how Mimi The Birdgirl discovers an egg in her bed and is introduced to the awkward world of bird puberty. That's her dad cooking breakfast in the bottom panel, he's making omelettes. That's at least three kinds of awkward. But either way it would've been a pretty funny story about growing up, right? :P

Greetings from IDIOT FESTIVAL!

My design of a friend's character. His name's Tippin and he needs to find a home on the ground cause he can't fly. Ghost shadow is irrelevant.

This is Ruth, one of the first Lost Saints of Skellopia. Her sacrifices led to great progress in controversial but useful medical mycology.

I forget who this is. She apparently has magical designs on her armor which gives her the abilities of her fallen enemies. So the eye on her sword mimics the eye of a creature which is clairvoyant. Also she's too good for normal human feet.