Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sketchy Sketch...

Oh hai! Besides discovering the wonders of paintball and socializing feral country kittens, I doodle stuff for Moonbot Sketch Tuesdays. I usually forget about this weekly event and submit a drawing like this-

But now I've decided that I will design a character for Sketch Tuesday each week. Meet Dillon-the first pancake!

So if you don't see a character here each week, then check out the moonblog and I should be there! If not then I've been a delinquent that week. Also here's a WIP-

This creature is known as a Dram, and is one that exists within dreams. They attempt to reflect the dreamer's psyche and take the form of a person the dreamer knows. Considering how fuzzy/vague our dreams can be, they usually have a form akin to this. I'll explain more about them when the painting's done.