Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sketchy Sketch...

Oh hai! Besides discovering the wonders of paintball and socializing feral country kittens, I doodle stuff for Moonbot Sketch Tuesdays. I usually forget about this weekly event and submit a drawing like this-

But now I've decided that I will design a character for Sketch Tuesday each week. Meet Dillon-the first pancake!

So if you don't see a character here each week, then check out the moonblog and I should be there! If not then I've been a delinquent that week. Also here's a WIP-

This creature is known as a Dram, and is one that exists within dreams. They attempt to reflect the dreamer's psyche and take the form of a person the dreamer knows. Considering how fuzzy/vague our dreams can be, they usually have a form akin to this. I'll explain more about them when the painting's done.


Lubomir said...

I like the dram....funny, I've been hearing more about "the hag" visiting people's dreams lately, including trying to pull my friend out of her bed....!

Christina Ellis said...

Haha yeah, one tricked me into believing he was my husband... I'm not even married but I fell for it somehow! I've been meaning to make a collection of dream creatures like that... :3