Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kyub's Language

So I've been doing a tegaki roleplaying comic, with a simple premise- two strangers overcome a language barrier in order to meet survival needs. But of course my friend and I love fantasy, so these strangers are a warrior who has accidentally travelled to another world and knows nothing of it, and a native of that world who knows of all the dangers and needs protection. I'm having much fun playing the stranger- since I found a fun way to present in his alien language. He finds the nearly drowned warrior washed ashore, and attempts to communicate with her. 

My character, Kyub, (his siblings are Poynt, Lyne, and Skware :P ) speaks with symbols in order for the reader to get a sense of what he is saying, but allows them to fill in the gaps. I find symbols rather fun since the warrior can't parse the visual nature of his speech bubble anymore than she can the sound, which is also left to our imaginations. I have constructed letters to fill the symbols in order to give his language a sense of structure, but this is of course superficial. For now I'll have to figure what other simple symbols will be useful for him.

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